Some of the KVM2021 Photos & Comments by runners for Round 1

Andy Yeo
10km : 00:40:15

Accidentally new 10KM PB.

Tay Choon Hian
HM : 02:11:02

Thanks for Boon Teck pacing me thru out the whole journey. This is my HM faster pace in year 2021. Cheers.... 23/5/2021

Chong Bui Chyan
HM: 02:18:46

HM 3rd fastest time

Jessie Anak Mangka

10km: 01:12:06

Indoor run, stay safe

Journie Chong
10km: 00:54:44

Officially personal record smashed from pass exam. Hard work pay off, pb just bonus part of training. Thank you my pacer Hazieq and Cikgu Zaidi El Wasli. Chapter didn't end here. I need take rest too. Stay tuned on next programme.

Abdul Rahman bin Salleh
10km: 01:27:00

My everday run. 10km perday.

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