God made me fast. Because running fast is more fun than running slow.

Tan Jit Ping

Marathoner/Speedster : Marathoner
Focus Category : 21.1km & 42.2km
Quote: Consistency, Focus, Patience and Always believing yourself.

H - Jit Ping

Ahmad Ismail

Marathoner/Speedster : Marathoner
Focus Category : 21.1km, 42.2km, Ultra Marathon & Trail Run
Quote: Keep Persistent

Henry Walted

Marathoner/Speedster : Speedster
Focus Category : 5km, 10km & 21.1km 
Quote: I want to be a champion, never surrender, just training until you tired, ignore what people say, you do for yourself


Sunny Jong

Marathoner/Speedster : Marathoner & Speedster
Focus Category : 5km, 10km, 21.1km & 42.2km
Quote: Don’t ask me why I run, ask yourself why you don’t

Jeremy Yeo

Marathoner/Speedster : Marathoner
Focus Category : 21.1km, 42.2km & 50km 
Quote: Never fight with others, the toughest opponent is yourself, just be yourself

H - Andy

Andy Yeo

Marathoner/Speedster : Marathoner
Focus Category : 10km, 21.1km & 42.2km
Quote: Can’t run with your pace, but can run with your heart

Jonathan Wee

Marathoner/Speedster : Speedster
Focus Category : 5km, 10km
Quote: Running allow me to set my mind free

H - Jonathan
H - Jalut

Alphaus Eric aka Jalut

Marathoner/Speedster : Marathoner
Focus Category : 21.1km & 42.2km
Quote: Live laugh run a lot

Team HaoLian

We are the most "HaoLian" running team | club in Kuching. We are young, energetic, fast, and can run for long distances too. In view of our enthusiasm for running, consistency and discipline, we are sub4 | sub3:30 | sub3:15 runners for full marathon; sub1:30 | sub1:40 for the half marathon; Sub40 for 10 km.

We strive to break PB in every now and then. We have regular training and focusing on speed workout on weekdays and long-distance running on Sunday.

If you think you are fast, you are most welcome to join us. Let's training together we achieve more!
Andy yeo
Team Leader

We love speed

Contact us

For any inquiries please contact:

HaoLian Teamleader: Andy Yeo

E: zhonghu_97@hotmail.com | M: 017-804 9229

Team HaoLian


In the conjunction with Team RB Kuching Virtual Marathon 2021 – Super Series launching, Team Haolian would like to announce that we’re open RECRUITMENT for Kuching Runners to join us‼️

We are looking for FEMALE Runners 🏃‍♂️ to train up to be WOMEN ELITE in Kuching. Limited Slot Available ‼️ Apply now with us ✍️

Kindly PM us in FB Messenger & provide us your contact detail, Focus Distance, Running Data (Monthly Total Running Mileage, Personal Best Timing).

Team Haolian collaborated with Team RB’s website: https://teamrbkuching.com/rc-team-haolian/

Registration of KVM 2021 – Super Series:

Thanks & Regards,
Team Haolian

Personal Information:
1. Name:
2. Age:
3. Contact No.:
4. Email Address:
5. Focus Category: 5km/10km/21km/42km

1. Only 5 slot available.
2. Age under 40 years old. *If age >40 join Team RB
3. Comfortable to run with pace 6’30/km and above.
4. Able to follow program given by coach.
5. Be disciplined & hardworking.
6. Provide monthly running data (January’21 – March’21)