• To enable us to further our mission, we may engage in the following activities:
  • Promote and develop running activities in Kuching and Sarawak as a whole.

  • Improve Kuching /Sarawak’s runner standards/levels, aiming to approach the level of runners in West Malaysia as well as ASEAN and Asia.

  • Work closely with all running clubs/groups/individuals in Kuching /Sarawak as a whole.

  • Share/lead running activities with the public. Like the Sunday LSD training of the Team RB; Mr Lai from Team Reservoir U42T Thursday evening intensive training at Jubilee Ground, supported by CJC & MBKS.

  • Promote and develop Team RB & Kuching Low Heart Rate on social media such as Facebook, Instagram.

  • To organize more long-distance running activities annually. Such as HM & FM events.

  • Engage in community activities and publicize the benefits of running as a means of physical fitness and cooperate with other organizations with a similar goal and purpose.

As we strive to carry out our mission and realize our vision, it is important that we have strong values to guide us in our actions and represent our organization in a positive manner.